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Substantial Matters: Life & Science of Parkinson’s

Apr 5, 2022

Among the many kinds of outreach and activities that help people with Parkinson’s disease (PD), art programs are popular and beneficial. They can provide social interaction, creativity, and movement, with the potential to enhance emotional and physical wellbeing. One program, Smile Through Art, benefited from a Community Grant from the Parkinson’s Foundation, allowing it to continue to reach people with PD and their care partners throughout the pandemic. Smile Through Art Workshops encourage creativity and movement, using art to address problems of fine motor control, rigidity, and tremors while providing cognitive stimulation. The goals are to foster confidence, mood, and optimism.


In this episode, Saba Shahid, the Chief Smile Officer and President of Creative Neurology, the company that developed the Smile Through Art program, discusses what the workshops entail, the success that they have had, and how a Community Grant from the Parkinson’s Foundation allowed the program to continue to reach people with PD during the pandemic.